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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Desperately seeking...

**edit**  I am leaving this here, but have since found out some stuff.  Alex went and got himself married in late 2004 (Congratulations are in order even if it is 4 years late).  I am content knowing that he is alive and hopefully well.  That was my main concern all along.

This is someone I really need to find.  Really, really need to find.  I have refrained from posting anything on here, but I have had zero luck in locating him.  I do believe he is still in the Dallas area somewhere.  His name is Alex and his last name begins with an S.  Yes, I know it, can spell it and even pronounce it, but I am not going to put it out there.  He was in a band in Dallas called Dancin' With Manson and later in Swank Deluxe before he had some personal issues.  The last time I spoke with him was in 2000 (he had cut his hair off) when I was back in Dallas for a while.  Please to be emailing me if you can get him in touch with me or hell, tell him to come visit himself.  zombiequeenxox[at]gmail.com (Remove the xox[at])

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