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Sunday, December 21, 2008
Oh I don't think so

Apparently there is something I am missing about the gym.  I was unaware, until today, that I am suppose to look my best when I go in there.  I am also suppose to flirt with men by sticking my rack out and flipping my hair around.  There should be a giggle thrown in for good measure.

I just don't get it.  Most of the time when I walk into the gym I am doing good if my damn clothes match.  I made it in there, what more do you people want from me?!  Once my headphones go on and I have hit start on the play list I am in my own little world.  Period.

The only thoughts going through my head are plans for world domination, how to get someone drunk enough to take advantage of (M.D. I'm lookin' at you) and hoping I don't fall off whatever piece of equipment I am on while planning the last item.  I am not interested in Captain Muscle-head over there with his veins popping out everywhere.  It just makes me want to hurl.  I guess chicks dig that.  I'd rather have me a pale boy with moderate definition.  I'm thinking Captain Muscle-head is going to have a shriveled set.

Currently listening to:
Hunky Dory
By David Bowie

Posted at 05:49 pm by Zombie

December 22, 2008   02:44 AM PST
Zombs! OMG, you look great. (It's Fleur, psst..LOL)

And yes, dontcha know you're like, supposed to like, look hawt and like, whatever? *rolls eyes*

I'm with Ang, or something.
December 21, 2008   06:09 PM PST
You didn't know you were supposed to look hawt at the gym? I mean all that moving around in skimpy attire, and the sweating and the...well yeah, it's all just a big metaphor for sex.

Or something.

File under: No, I don't care who you are, No, I don't like you, Shrinking

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