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Sunday, May 31, 2009
Of boozing and loose morals

For whatever reason I have this insane urge to travel.  It is probably just my escapist attitude boiling up again.  Whenever things in my world turn to shit, it always seems like a trip will solve everything.  We all know it won't.

Last night I went swimming for the first time in forever.  That means I had to wear a swimsuit.  In public.  Than goodness it was dark.  It took me forever to find the damn thing since I (a) hadn't seen it since mom was out a couple years ago and (b) well, I obviously rarely go swimming.  There is both good and bad news to report about said swimsuit.  The bad news: It is too big.  The good news: It is too big.  While dry it appears that it will be okay to wear, but when wet.... yeah.  I gotta find a new suit.  Joy.

The last month or so has been filled with various weekend outings.  I can honestly say that during my entire 12 years in this city I have not gone and done as much as I have since Ang moved out here.  That is one of the pitfalls of not driving I suppose.  And living with someone that's.... well, nevermind.  Of course now I am catching crap about going out and the few evenings we decided to have adult beverages.  Apparently I am both a boozer and an individual with loose morals.  If only...  Hey, I never touched that waiter!  I wanted to though, I mean, he was hot in a Sam Trammell kind of way.

So, no dwelling on the things that have been said or done.  Gotta look forward.  I mean, I do have a weekend of debauchery to plan for in September and another one in October.  Not to mention the many weekends in between, however, those will probably be of a more impromtu nature.

Supposidly I am will be going to the gym about 4 days a week starting tomorrow.  The friend that will be going with is notorious for bailing on me though.  I've only been attempting to start this for about three months.  If it falls through again I do have a backup plan.  Finally.  I have plans man and they include my losing more weight.

On a side note... my pool antics last night have apparently resulted in a swollen sore foot.  If this keeps me from going to workout I am gonna be pissed.

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