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Friday, October 07, 2011
Fuck you very much

I can't stop those tongues a flappin'
So I'll just keep my toes a tappin'
I put the bullshit in the lost & found
And never let the bastards drag me down**

People always chuckle when I tell them I hate people. I really, really don't care for people. From my experience the vast majority are manipulative & a lot more are, well, cocksuckers.

This town is full of people that would push their grandmothers in front of a bus for a quarter. It is sad really, but this isn't really a place where a person can seem to form a lasting relationship of any kind.

There was a time back in Dallas when I worked for one of the most popular rock bands in town. Those guys were like my big brothers. They even meddled in my affairs when guys showed interest. Being that they were musicians, all the little girls that were around wanted to get in their pants. They tried to use me to make that happen. Suddenly I was one of the most popular people on the entire scene. Not because of my shining personality, but because they wanted me to get them where they wanted to be. That was a tough lesson to learn, but it was an important lesson.

I've seen this happening again here. I've started helping a band by sitting with their shit at shows. Basically selling T-shirts. Who gives a fuck? Sure, I'm friendly with the guys, but I can't get anyone anywhere with them. Chicks don't see that though. They just see band guys talking to me after the show. Not my problem. But people latch on to that. People piss me off.

I happen to get along better when men than I do women. Always have. I can't stand the back biting, the rumors, the emotional bullshit most seem to engage in. That's why the band types talk to me. They know I don't give a fuck about what they do. As far as I am concerned they are just people doing a job. Nothing more. Nothing less. I seriously question whether or not the road whores would give a shit about these guys if they weren't on stage.

At any rate I am dealing with this now. I have made some really good friends, but it is the cunts that stand out. Some nights I just want to strangle some bitches. So far I have been able to take the high road. Not a single, solitary cross word has been utter about these individuals.

You never know when it's gonna get ya
Your big mouth came back & bit ya
Next time you better hold your tongue
'Cause one day your time will come**

I can't say the same for them. Apparently I have quite the reputation these days. It is kind of awesome hearing what I am doing.

If I only had as much fun as people are insinuating that I am. Hell, I sure wouldn't be as stressed out as I am.

** lyrics from All Talk No Action by Todd Kerns off the Go Time! album

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