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Thursday, July 17, 2014
More interviews

So, this week I had four interviews scheduled. Yay, right? Not really.

My interview Tuesday was with a state agency. I believe that one went exceptionally well. The individual I would be working for and I got along quite well. I should know something about that early next week. Here's hoping, kids.

Wednesday was a cluster fuck of epic proportions. I received a call from a temp agency on Tuesday. Just as I was about to go into the other interview, as a matter of fact. I called the woman back repeatedly. She finally got back to me after 5p. Seriously?! Whatever. I talked to her for quite a bit. Answered all her questions and voiced my one concern about the position. She said it was a non-issue and wanted me to come in Wednesday for a face-to-face. Sure, no problem. A job is a job even if it is only for 4 to 5 months.

I went in yesterday for my 11:00a interview. I was early as usual and arrived at 10:45a. I always try to get to these things early as I hate being rushed. Plus, I have a tendency to get lost even with my GPS. Anyway, the interview started at about 10:58a. I was finished and back in my truck by 11:09a. That's right, I was in there for about 10 minutes. It took me three times that long just to drive there. Then, she basically asked me everything she had asked on the phone. Really, lady?! I was not amused. At all.

Today I had two interviews scheduled. One was a phone interview and the other was in-person 45 minutes away. At 8:15a I got a phone call informing me that the in-person interview had to be rescheduled as the interviewer wasn't going to make it back to town in time. Mind you they called for this on Monday with the promise of a confirmation email once everything was arranged with the interviewer. I got that confirmation email yesterday morning at 9:00a. Exactly 26 hours before the interview. Then two hours forty-five minutes before the interview they reschedule it for Monday with zero apology. Cocksuckers.

The phone interview was in higher education. It was a conference call with three individuals. One couldn't make it. Another was ten minutes late. They would have thrown me out of the candidate pool without even speaking to me had I been ten minutes late. Otherwise I think it went OK, but I have serious doubts that I will be moving to the next phase. Thems the breaks.

In addition to all of that I am still putting out multiple resumes a day. Maybe I will get lucky and get something soon. Otherwise, I think I am going to have to pimp out Seamus. Anyone have any tips for pimping a Betta?

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