Entry: Adjustment Saturday, August 13, 2005

Went today and picked up what was left of my Maple.  I wanted to wretch.  It killed me.  She went from being my furry little love monkey to being something that could fit in a little white box.

Now I am in a mood.  Something that teeters between insanely depressed and completely foul.  I think I may need a bit of a liquid attitude adjustment.  Let's hope I don't get thrown in jail.


August 25, 2005   09:34 AM PDT
oh geeze... your monkey? i'm sorry to hear about that.
August 20, 2005   11:09 PM PDT
Hope you're feeling better. Sorry for your loss sweetie.
August 17, 2005   12:41 PM PDT
I'm so sorry for you loss, Zee ... truly.

Miss Ginger
August 14, 2005   05:14 AM PDT
I hope the liquids were tasty.

The place that, er, 'took care' of Lucky's remains called me the day they were bringing the urn over.

*Called me*. This was a mere, oh, three days after he died? They said "Just need to check..ok...so he was black white and grey, yes? Ok, and he died on the 16th? Yeah...ok...so he was 10? Oh, he was 15? Oh, ok. So yeah, it's $195 cash, ok?"


It was four weeks yesterday, and it still kills me.

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