Entry: Rita & Banana Hammocks Friday, September 23, 2005

Inland living is the life for me.  Its been that way since I was a wee Zombie.  Hurricanes were always things we saw on television.  Dumbass reporters tied to trees attempting to report from the middle of the action.  I was always waiting for one to get impailed.  It never happened.  But that, as entertaining as it may be, is not the point here.  It looks that Rita is going to stall over there area where my Mom lives. 

So, last night Mom & the Redneck went home to cut down a mostly dead pine tree that was next to the house.  They also took the carport out at the legs.  The boats are at the house, in working order and contain life jackets for everyone (Mom, my brother, my sister, the Redneck, the four nephews and the dogs).  Mom stocked up on canned goods, water, flashlights, batteries, candles, etc. right after Katrina because she is paranoid that way.  Hopefully they won't need any of it and Mom will be forced to create some strange tuna and vegetable concoction that even the dogs won't want to touch it.

What a wonderful thing to have to think about on your birthday.  Such is life I suppose.  Only plan for this weekend is to return to the den of sleaze to find Ang's conversation partner.  I'm almost positive that copious amounts of alcohol will also be consumed.  There is something about being in a room with half naked men that entices me to drink.  A lot.  Anything else that takes place will probably embarass me too much to be able to talk about it so don't bother asking.


J f Z
September 29, 2005   04:20 AM PDT
Murble. I wish I had a birthday.

But, anyway, I hope your mom is doing okay after the Rita.
September 28, 2005   03:24 AM PDT
Firstly, when I read the first two sentences of this entry, it sounded like some strange version of the theme from Green Acres.

Secondly, was he there after all this time, or has he moved up to being a sophisticated showboy somewhere?

Thirdly, were cocktails and Aristotle involved?
September 27, 2005   06:58 AM PDT
Happy Birthin' baby!
September 24, 2005   04:50 PM PDT
Happy B-day Z Girl!!! Hope P. and the Redneck come through it okay... we gotta nada here other then highwinds.

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