Entry: The short of it Saturday, May 13, 2006

Let's make this short and sweet.

My sister walked out on her husband and four kids (all under 12) so that she could screw some ass named after a breed of fish.  That left my BIL and mom to take care of the kids, house, $300 babysitting bill the bitch neglected to pay, and the $500 phone bill she ran up while attempting to be sneaky using the "extras" on the phone to cover her tracks.

Mom came to visit at the beginning of April.  Thank goodness I had it planned before all this other shit happened.  She was under orders from the BIL to "have a good time or else."  I think she did until my bitch of a sister started calling and screaming at her.

While mom was here I went to UNLV for advising.  When the fall semester starts I will be 3 credits shy of being a junior.  The summer looks like this: political science and math at the CC and the second half of world civ at UNLV.  Wish me luck.  I register on Wednesday for my fall classes.  They will hopefully be Historical Investigation, German, Sociology of Religion, and Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion.  Keep your fingers crossed.

With everything that's been going on in Texas lately, I haven't been myself.  I've been in a funk that I have not been able to pull myself out of.  My concentration has been for shit, I'm not sleeping, and life has generally been miserable for myself and those around me.  I finally broke down and went to the doctor on Tuesday.  She put me on new meds that will hopefully help, but I won't know for a month.

The cherry on top of my shit cake came Wednesday.  The BIL was out of state for a training class, mom took the week off so that my sister wouldn't be trying to get into the house to take shit or run off with the boys and everything was peachy.  That is, until the house burned down.  Luckily no one was hurt, not even the dogs, but now they have no place to live.  They are in a motel for the weekend and move to temporary housing for the next thirty days.  That's how long its going to take before the insurance company releases the money.  The official determination: an unused wall socket in the kitchen shorted out, threw sparks in to the trashcan, and lit the place up.

Now its time for finals and I could care less.  I need to study for my math final so I can secure a solid C.  That leaves astronomy and English.  I took my psychology final yesterday and got an A in case you care.  That should leave the semester with 3 A's, a B, and a C.  I'm not even going to pretend to that I will show up here regularly.  I am going to attempt to use the two week break between semesters to get a jump start on reading for these classes.


May 15, 2006   12:22 PM PDT
Congratulations on the good grades. Sorry to hear about the family situation though. :(
May 15, 2006   06:38 AM PDT
I hate shit cakes. Seems like too damned many have been served up lately. As always, Z-Girl, you and yours are in my thoughts.

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