Entry: Shot to the car Monday, May 15, 2006

For the past hour I have stared at my English final and completed only one question.  This isn't good.  At least I have until 6p tomorrow to turn it in.  I have zero motivation today.  I want to sit on my ass and do nothing.  That just means I will be up late, again, tonight.  Joy.

My brain may not be able to take the stress of three classes, two of which I know are writing intensive, in 5 weeks.  Not to mention the fact that the ribs on my checkbook are showing.  I sent all the extra I had to mom and the BIL to help pay off the bitch's debt and feed the kids.  So, after much consideration I am going to drop the math class for the summer and take it in the fall via distance ed instead.  I can manage 5 classes over about 4 months much easier than the other.  I wanted to get it done, but I think my sanity is far more important at this point.

With this being the end of the semester coupled with my working for a complex of instructors, I get to hear all kinds of excuses from students as to why they should be bumped up to passing, why they didn't turn this or that in, or why an instructor should allow them to take an exam at a time different than the rest of the class.  Sometimes I get to hear them in person, other times its immediately following a telephone conversation.  One of my favorite stories was about the person who's grandmother died twice.  Once before mid-term and once before final.  However, the best call may have come a little over a week ago.

After missing what amounted to about 6 weeks of class, a student called to inquire about their grade and when they could make up the work.  When asked why they were unable to make it to class the student informed the instructor that their car had been shot.  I almost fell out of my chair.


May 19, 2006   09:41 PM PDT
Of all the lame excuses,that people come up with. I think that one about the car being shot,has to take first prize.
May 15, 2006   11:26 PM PDT
I'm sorry but that excuse with the whole "my car had been shot" has got to STUPID! I would laugh my ass off!
May 15, 2006   12:19 PM PDT
I wonder if that would work as a good excuse if I don't show up to work for 6 weeks?

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