Entry: The way back machine Monday, November 03, 2008

So, the trip to Texas was short and bizarre.  Completely fucking bizarre.

I didn't much care for the hotel I stayed in on Wednesday.  It was an old joint built in 1925 and I was never comfortable.  However, it was close to what is left of the West End so I went on over to pick up some Sonny Bryan's.  Went to the hockey game.  Couldn't find a plain 'ol hotdog or nachos to save my ass.  The Stars won.  Hooray! Slept for shit.  Determined that I don't really care for being by myself.

Thursday a friend I hadn't seen since high school picked me up.  She took me to the ghetto for rockin' Mexican food.  We caught up on things.  Later made the trek to Irving to check in to the next hotel.  It is a hole, but it served its purpose.  Mom was still a few hours out.  Went over to the All-Encompassing Mega Chain Mart for cokes and water.

When Mom gets in she almost immediately wants to go to Whataburger.  Not what I particularly wanted, but luckily there is a Grandy's two driveways down.  We eat in the Jeep and head to the mall.  Holy shit was that place scary.  Amazing what a few years can do to a joint.  Quick in and out at Macys and we are on our way back to the hole.

Later, Mom is passed out, I am sitting on the couch half watching the idiot box and half Warcracking when the entire joint starts to shake.  I damn near piss my pants.  It only lasts a few seconds and I don't wake Mom up, but expect the place to fall down around us.  A few minutes later it did it again with a little less intensity.  Mom wakes up when her phone rings, I inquire, she assures me it was just a big truck passing.  Uh huh.  I think I finally fell asleep an hour later.  Find out the next morning it was an earthquake.

Friday morning rolls around and we have to be at the storage unit by 9am.  I stumble around for few minutes, find some clothes and we take off in search of a coffee joint.  Once we get to the sotrage unit I about have a fit.  There is more shit in there than I could possibly know what to do with.  It takes us all day with a Taco Bueno break for lunch to clean out two-thirds of the dang thing.  Decide that the storage unit isn't going and I will have to keep paying on it.  If I never see another damn mouse it will be too soon.  Bought mouse bait for Mom to set out before she leaves on Saturday.

During the cleaning of the crap I ran across many things I could have done without seeing.  Some of the pictures went in the dumpster because I don't want proof of that crap floating around. heh  Found some letters from a guy that I would still do anything for even though he considers himself a rockstar and treated me like dog shit the last time he was in town.  Found some notes and a card from another guy I had a thing for and thinking back I'm not really sure what happened there.  He's now a teacher, imagine that.  Found a bunch of pictures of both previously mentioned boys plus some of Sims and various other band type individuals.

Friday night we took my little brother to dinner at some hole in the wall Mexican joint.  As we were walking in some guy holds the door for me.  I don't think anything of it.  I am in Texas after all.  Turns out the guy was my uncle.  The one I would have been perfectly fine never seeing again.  He attempted to touch my goodies when I was a teenager and I broke his hand in the front door.  He doesn't remember any of it on account of all the blow he was doing.  I don't care.  Once a sleezeball always a sleezeball in my book.  There are some things that do not deserve the benefit of the doubt and that is one of them.

Saturday morning I had to be at the damn airport at 5a.  Love Field has no free wifi the cheap bastards.  Finally board the plane and find out it is going to Amarillo and Denver before Vegas.  Nice.  That's the bad thing about flying standby.  Slept until we got to Denver.  Slept another 14 hours that night. 

Been in a funk ever since.  Sometimes the wayback machine is a bitch.


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