Entry: Its never easy Saturday, November 15, 2008

The diet appears to be progressing nicely.  As of this morning I am down another 2 pounds.  Hooray!  I need to make some adjustments to what I am eating though.  I don't think I am getting enough fat.  Never in my life thought I would say that.  Carbs are fairly on target is not a little on the low side.  You care.  I know.

I was watching television today for the first time in forever.  Something on either that food channel or the travel one.  The first show was about ice cream.  None of it looked remotely appetizing.  That freaked me out a bit, but chalked it up to being weened off the sugar.  The next one was about all things fried.  You name it, they fried it in some sort of batter, including bacon.  Again, I wasn't remotely interested in any of it.  Not even the chicken fried steak.  My main thought was "how in the hell can they eat that shit?"  This coming from someone that lived for those same things at one point.  Discussed it with Mom and came to the conclusion that it is simply because I am eating better things that I am not craving the crap anymore.  Interesting and something to look into more.

Now it is off to get started on a couple of papers for school.  Damn, not procrastinating.  I must be going loopy.  ha!


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