Entry: Interesting.... Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I have come to realize that I enjoy sweating from working out or any other physical activity... not so much from 122 degree heat in the California desert.  I like the fact that my legs are a bit wobbly after the torturer has finished a leg intensive session.

Of course I also like the fact that none of my clothes, save the three shirts I bought this weekend, fit right anymore.  Yes, it is a pain in my ass, but at least they are fallign off and not cutting me in half.

When I hit the 50 pounds lost mark I am treating myself to a new piece of artwork.  One that shall go on my person.  I know what I want and have wanted it for years.  There is a lot of not so nice shit going on in my life right now and I have to remember to take the high road (and no, I am not going to post a damn thing about it here).  I have to remember that I am ultimately to be judged not by my personal possessions, wealth or how many friends I have in life, but by how I treated others.  That is why I am getting the Judgement of Osiris/The Weighing of the Heart somewhere on my person.


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