Entry: So, ummmm, yeah Thursday, December 11, 2008

So I am officially down 30 pounds.  Nothing I have fits with the exception of two pairs of jeans.  I can put them on and take them off without unbuttoning them, but they don't fall off so I wear them.  I am doing my best to postpone purchasing anything until the day after Christmas for I am cheap.  Besides, I know I am just going to have to buy more stuff later.

I quit smoking a little over two weeks ago.  My caffeine intake generally only consists of my skinny grande vanilla latte and the occasional sugar free Rockstar.  When I want to climb the walls I have a full sugar soda.  Its fun!  ha ha  I've been taking a slew of supplements for about two months and they really do make a difference.  One specifically, the hair and skin one, has made a tremendous difference.  I think the daily sub-lingual B12 helps a lot too.

So, Miss Ginger was wanting pictures.  You are gonna have to wait wench.  Until February.  I am getting my gnarly ass teeth fixed at the end of January and I should be down a few more pounds, not to mention clothes that fit.... so yeah, February.  Besides, I have plans for them.  They have to be decent.  I will force Ang to take them.  She will.  She has no choice.  *insert quasi-evil laugh*

And now for something completely different..... I bought two imp packs from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.  So Monday I got a package (hooray!) of 16 little sample vials (12 I ordered, 4 they threw in) and it has been a sniff fest ever since.  So far I am completely and totally in love with one called Hunger.  I am in lust with Helle's Belle.  I am sure there will be others that I can not live without, but those two for sure will forever be on my person so that they are available at any time.


Miss Ginger
December 14, 2008   10:43 AM PST
You called me wench. *swoon*

Great milestone to hit, Z, good stuff!!

I'm still waiting on news on this Vegas thing. Looks like late Jan/Feb.

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