Entry: Yep Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm still here.  Somewhere.  I think I am finally over being sick.  It only took a month.  Now everything is all kinds of screwed up.  The eating, the sleep schedule, the gym...  Luckily I have continued to lose weight, but I am not eating properly because, quite frankly, I haven't cared to eat all that much to begin with.

Went to the dentist last week.  Torture is not even the correct term for it.  It was far, far worse.  Halcion works for shit.  The dentist was a dick.  I cancelled my appointment for this week.  Honestly, I can't mentally put myself through that shit again this soon.  Fuck the root canals.  I'll let the oral surgeon take care of that.  I have a Colgate smile again and that is what was important to me.  So there.

For the first time in just about a month I went out this weekend.  Ang arrived safely on Friday.  We went for mediocre noms as she was starving.  Saturday and Sunday were spent hanging out and shopping for new stuffs for her apartment.  Hooray!  She was also kind enough to take me bead shopping.  Why beads?  Keep reading.

During the month of illness I made three rosaries for a friend and two musician types.  She is beyond thrilled with the work.  I was quite pleased with the outcome, but, being the picky bitch that I am, could see where things could have been done better.  They were all made with glass and sterling.  The two musician types receive their's on Thursday and I will post pictures as soon as I get them.  Those three I ate the cost on, but there was a reason that I am not going to go into here.  She, however, has ordered three more for other people.  My first real order.  I *squeed* just a little bit.  That's why I had to go bead shopping.

Although never publicly declared, 2009 shall be the year of the Zombie.  I also happen to be an Ox under the Chinese zodiac for what its worth.  Now I have the kick in the ass and the motivation I need to do some things I have been putting off.


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