Entry: Betcha thought I was dead Monday, February 15, 2010

So, yeah, I'm not dead. The "spot" turned out to be "nothing" according to my physician. To which I replied, "thanks for scaring the piss out of me for 'nothing.'" She was not amused, but then neither was I.

All of this shit made me realize something. For approximately the past five years I have been hiding. Give it a looksee. About the time I started at my current place of employment I ceased posting on a regular basis. Why? Because I was scared. Something about working for a state subsidized agency made me revert to my 15 year old self. I was afraid to voice my opinions for fear that someone where I work might find out about my blog. Fuck that.

With all the budget bullshit that is going on I really don't give a flying monkey's ass what they think or might find. I go to work every single day wondering if it is going to be my last. There is a very real possibility that my entire department could cease to exist. So fuck it. Its back on bitches.

I miss my blog.

I miss talking to all the people from around this joint.

Most of all I miss me. A lot. Yeah, I know, I've said that before, but seriously, I do.

The posts until mid-March will be sporadic at best as I am finally moving to a new bat cave. Packing 11 years worth of shit is mind boggling to say the least. Yet, there is so much I want to put here for the trolls to shit on. Because, you know, if you post it they will come.

First up we will back track to Halloween and the uber awsome trip to New Orleans. Did I mention there is a monster gay halloween event? And yes, I have pictures. Sausage pizza anyone?


Miss G
February 17, 2010   07:52 PM PST
I'll let you know, my dear, that I ended up rifling through your Twitter updates as a lack of update here had me quite honestly scared crapless for you.

Glad all is well. Seriously.

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